Best Paint Sprayers Under $1500

If you want to get that perfect finish when painting large areas, then a reliable spray gun is a must. Needless to say, a $20 sprayer does not come with the same bells and whistles as a $1500 unit. Therefore, spray guns under $1500 are highly convenient and are made of highest-quality to ensure top-notch efficiency. As these painting tools use compressed air from a nozzle to spray liquid onto a surface, they can be used to apply paint on a variety of surfaces.

When you are looking for a spray gun priced under the 1500-dollar mark, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the variables that should be considered.Even so, it is important to wade through to choices to determine the perfect unit that will best meet your needs. Remember, fine finishing work is what takes an ordinary DIY home painting project and turns it into something amazing. With the right spray gun in hand, you can never go wrong.

  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • 17c314
  • Brand: Graco
  • Max. Pressure: 3300 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: N/A
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 21 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • 261820
  • Brand: Graco
  • Max. Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 50 ft
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 30.7 x 22 x 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 44.4 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • 5 Customer Rating
  • 17c332
  • Brand: Graco
  • Max. Pressure: 3300 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 50 ft
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 21.5 x 24.5 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer
  • 5 Customer Rating
  • 17c327
  • Brand: Graco
  • Max. Pressure: N/A
  • Max. Hose Length: N/A
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 20 x 18 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer
  • 5 Customer Rating
  • 0524034
  • Brand: Titan
  • Max. Pressure: 11.5 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: N/A
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturer
  • 5 Customer Rating
  • 2895-T75G
  • Brand: Fuji
  • Max. Pressure: 9.5 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 25 ft included
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 18.5 x 17.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 38.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty

Graco Ultra 395 Electric Airless Sprayer (233960)

The Graco Ultra 395 is a small electric sprayer that is quite popular among the Graco paint sprayer models because of its reliability and performance. Its design uses a proven technology which is ideal for painting professionals, practiced property managers, and skillful handymen who handle a wide range of paints and coatings. One of the key features among the Graco’s Contractor Series products is the Endurance Pump. This is an affordable, easy to use and dependable pump that gives the Ultra 395 sprayer a competitive edge over others sprayers in its range. The performance and durability of this pump make this sprayer a perfect choice for typical painting applications. With this pump, you can tackle a number of coating tasks covering household materials like primers, latex, stains, enamels, and lacquers.

This unit has an enclosed dc motor that has been designed to protect the internal components from dust, dirt, and overspray. The motor can be operated at variable speeds and comes with a lifetime warranty. There is a SmartControl 1.0 microprocessor that can be used together with an electronic pressure control feature to deliver a spray fan that is consistent at all pressures. This feature works well especially for lighter viscosity paints like stains and lacquers. There is a swivel inlet hose that can be used to reach cans and buckets without tipping them over. This suction hose is easily removable and it is made from a lightweight, durable, and rust-free aluminum material. An easy filter is also included to enable you to spray with less mess. This filter works filters inside out hence reducing chances of getting stuck or collapsing during use. There is also a Contractor Gun and a 50-foot airless spray hose to enable you easily get the job done.

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Graco Magnum 261820 ProX9 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum ProX9 is a heavy duty paint sprayer intended to be used by property maintenance managers, remodelers, and general contractors to tackle a range of painting tasks including interior and exterior wall painting. It has a great design that can handle unthinned paint spraying, priming, and staining of interior and exterior projects. It has the capacity to handle rental properties, large decks, houses, and fences. The sprayer uses the TRUEAirless Technology to generate enough pressure for atomizing thick paints and for producing a quality finish. The sprayer can handle many coatings including stains, heavy latex, and acrylics. It uses a patented high-pressure ProX Piston Pump that is quite durable and produces a reliable pressure of up to 0.38 GPM. A 7/8 horsepower motor that can be run on a 1500 watt generator or a 15-amp current is also included to generate enough power for your painting tasks.

The maximum pressure at which you can operate this sprayer is 3000 PSI. The machine has a compact cart design that enables easy movements around the painting job. This cart is durable and can be folded down to enable compact storage for easier transportation. An adjustable pressure control setting has been included to allow you control the flow of paint to handle various spraying and rolling applications. There is an InstaClean Pump Filter that reduces the tip clogging and prevents the inconsistent spraying patterns and downtime. For simple and quicker cleaning, a power flush adapter has been included. This adapter connects the sprayer to a garden hose. Also included is the SG3 metal gun, AutoPrime feature, and a paint saver hook. These features ensure fast priming and effortless movements around the working area.

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Airless Paint Sprayer Cart

Graco sprayers are known for their solid construction and this is the case with the Airless Paint Sprayer model such as magnum 262800 x5 srpayer. This is a well-built sturdy pump that can handle any type of paint, primer or stain. It is a great tool for property maintenance and commercial painting jobs. With this sprayer, you can tackle a range of coatings. This includes oil-based paints and latex paints, stains, enamels, and lacquers. It comes with a pump removal ProConnect system that allows faster pump swap-out while on the job. It is compatible with both the one-gallon and the five-gallon containers. The durability of this machine is provided for by its hardened steel cylinder and a chrome rod. There is an endurance program that helps you make quicker replacement of parts without needing any other tools. A large filter has been used to maintain a smooth flow of paint to minimize clogs.

Some of its key features include a RAC reversible tip, contractor metal gun, BlueMax II 50-ft hose, and SmartControl 2.5 feature. The SmartControl feature offers you advanced pressure control for creating a consistent spray at all pressure levels. A dc motor is included for creating max torque and for delivering maintenance-free performance. The motor produces a full horsepower which is more than enough power for sprayers in its class. It has been fully enclosed to protect it from debris, dust, and overspray. There is an Advantage Drive system with a hardened steel gear through which power and torque pass to keep the pump steady. The maximum tip size for this sprayer is 0.023 while the air pressure goes up to 3300 PSI. Its drive train and motor generates a maximum paint consumption rate of 0.54 GPM and has a lifetime warranty.

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Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Electric Airless Sprayer

This is one of the newest models from Graco and it brings with it leading technological and high-performance features for those needing professional paint spraying product. It has a lightweight and compact design that offers superior control and performance for regular painting jobs. It has been outfitted with a proven and long-lasting endurance pump. The pump features V-Max Blue Packings, hardened steel cylinder, and a chromex rod built to last long. There is a brushless motor that comes with an enclosed design and a lifetime warranty. The enclosure also protects the motor’s internal components from issues of debris, dirt, and overspray. The sprayer is equipped with a SmartControl 2.0 microprocessor to deliver consistent spray patterns at all pressure levels.

There is a swivel inlet hose that can be used to reach buckets. The hose has been made from durable and rust-free aluminum material. It can be easily removed to facilitate an efficient cleaning process. The unit has an easy filter that comes with a cap to minimize the mess associated with painting and to ease the cleaning process. Several mesh sizes are available for the filter to be able to work with any of the painting materials. A new Contractor 2-finger gun has been included and it comes with an in-gun filter to facilitate a clean spray. The other key feature is the airless BlueMax II hose. This hose has a coil-memory resistant, flexible, and conducive core for enhancing your safety during use.

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Titan Capspray 115 Fine-Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

The Titan Capspray 115 Fine-Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer is a paint sprayer for professional use. At the center of its operation is a 6-stage turbine motor which ensures that it is a highly capable paint sprayer. The titan tool paint sprayer has a complete HVLP capability which makes it stand out among its competitors. Despite its power and performance, the product is totally quiet while in operation. Moreover, the product is lightweight which guarantees that it is easy to move from one spot to another. The product also has a 5-quart capacity which allows it to carry a substantial quantity of paint. This makes it the ideal product for large scale painting projects. In addition to this, the paint sprayer offers complete atomization of paint which guarantees that the painting is completely smooth. Moreover, the paint sprayer is equipped with the Maxum Elite Gun which also optimizes its performance.

The product allows more painting to be done within a shorter period of time. It is equipped with a speed regulator mechanism which allows the user to determine the speed at which painting is carried out. Furthermore, it comes with different needle and nozzle selections. This allows a user to customize every painting project by being able to utilize multiple spray patterns. In addition to this, the product is capable of supporting different types of paint materials among which includes stains, varnishes, latex, etc.. This guarantees that the product can be used for different types of painting projects with excellent results. In addition to this, the paint sprayer comes with a long paint hose which provides adequate space for effective spray painting. The paint hose is also very flexible which allows for ease of movement while painting. The paint sprayer also comes with a unique and innovative warning light which alerts the user if there is dirt in the filter. Furthermore, the product features dual air filtration which guarantees that particles do not contaminate the paint during a project. The product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Fuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum Quiet HVLP Spray System

The Fuji Q5 is a highly efficient HVLP paint sprayer that features a 5-stage turbine motor which allows it to dispense paint at a high volume and under low pressure. Moreover, this powerful turbine motor ensures that it is capable of painting at a faster rate than other similarly priced units. The paint sprayer also features a Heat Dissipation Box which automatically cools down the motor during operation. As a result of this, the product is capable of handling large scale painting projects which could go on for several hours. Moreover, the heat regulator mechanism guarantees that the motor can last longer. In addition to this, the paint sprayer comes with a non-bleed spray gun which is capable of making fine and smooth paint finishes. It also comes with a pattern control knob which guarantees that the paint sprayer can be used to make multiple painting patterns.

The product features an adjustable fan control mechanism which also guarantees its versatility. It is capable of handling different varieties of paints among which includes enamel, water based paints, lacquers, latex, etc.. In addition to this, the product comes with a 600cc Gravity Cup which can hold a substantial quantity of paint. This allows for painting to go on for hours without the need for refilling. This sprayer comes with a flexible 25ft hose which guarantees that there is adequate space for effective spray painting. Moreover, it features an air control valve which ensures that the paints applied are pure and have a smooth finish. It also comes with a user manual which guarantees that it is easy to setup and easy to use. To cap it all, the paint sprayer comes with a 2-year warranty which ensures that a user receives value for money spent.

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Titan XT290 Reconditioned Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan XT290 is an excellent airless paint sprayer from Titan. At the center of its operation is a 5/8 HP motor that guarantees an amazing performance. The product also comes with the QuickFlo valve and the Quick-Check lite power cord. In addition to these features, it comes with the XT-05 contractor-grade metal spray gun which further optimizes its performance. Furthermore, it is equipped with an upright cart which guarantees ease of movement. Moreover, the upright cart makes it suitable for large scale painting projects as it can be easily moved from one location to another. In addition to this, the upright cart ensures that it is capable of carrying a 5-gallon paint which means that you do not have to frequently stop to refill. It also comes with a replaceable, reversible spray tip which helps it produce a fine and smooth finish.

It is worthy of note that the titan xt290 paint sprayer is capable of dispensing paint at the rate of 0.29 gallon per minute at a 3000 PSI maximum pressure. Despite all its amazing features, it is surprisingly lightweight. This ensures that it is easy to use and move from one spot to another. One of the benefits of the product is that its operation is completely airless. This guarantees that no air or particles would be mixed with paint. Moreover, the product is capable of painting more in less time. Furthermore, it produces high quality paint finishes no matter the scale and intensity of the project. In addition to this, its durable construction ensures that it would last long and also guarantees a reliable operation. The product comes with a long and flexible hose which provides extra space for effective painting. You can also attach more hoses till you get the desired length. It also comes with a user manual which contains easy to understand instructions regarding its setup, operation and maintenance. It is also worthy of note that the product is relatively easy to clean. It also offers multiple spray patterns which ensures that a user can customize each painting project. To cap it all, the paint sprayer comes with a 90-day warranty.

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Buying Guide for Paint Sprayers under $1500

Best Paint Sprayers Reviews Under $1500If you decide to invest in a high-end paint gun in this price category, there are several things that you need to consider. These are top-rated units that come with features that you will not find in other spray gun and they are designed to achieve a better finish than their cheaper counterparts. Below you can read about the major benefits of investing in a high-end paint sprayer for your project

Better Engineering Design

One primary difference between spray guns under $1500 and those of a lower cost is their engineering design. Designed and tested insimulation programs, these guns come with high capabilities and are manufactured to provide professional results every time you use it.

These units are made of highly durable components and they work consistently over a long time without having to change any of the parks while, on the other hand, lower priced guns often deliver for a shorter time period. Moreover, consistency and durability ensure that the sprayer will last and operate flawlessly for many years to come.

Various Features

Higher end spray guns are certainly loaded with a ton of options including air caps, fluid nozzles, and needles. As such, they allow for better customization and performance. It is easy to control the production volume or atomization ability. On the other hand, cheaper guns are limited in their number of set up choices.

With varying prices, it is always best to consider the benefits that you will receive with your spray gun of choice. After all, if you can achieve the same quality and finish with any kind of spray gun, why would you ever go for a high-priced unit? The answer is simple, you will enjoy more benefits with higher end and spray guns.

Nozzle and Feeds

Best Paint Sprayers Reviews Under $1500The heavier the paint, the larger the nozzle needs to be. Spray guns often come with two types of feed: gravity feed and siphon feed. As the latter is usually cheaper, higher end guns usually include a well-functioning gravity feed because they use less air pressure and deliver a consistent amount of paint. The feed should also have a transparent or semi-transparent cup to let you know when you are running low on paint.

Air Compressors

High-end sprayers come with an innovative air compressor that are built to deliver the perfect volume and the ideal pressure for a quality and professional finish when in use. Even spray guns under $1500 come with different amounts of air. While an airless gun requires more air (up to 120CFM), a typical, high-end spray gun may require less air. As such, you should take this factor into the equation.


It is important to have filters when you are spray painting to ensure that the paint is debris-free and safe for use.Since these features vary from gun to gun, it is important that you thoroughly investigate what kind of filters, compressors and regulators are included and fit the spray gun.

Other Factors to Consider

It can be a daunting task to pick the perfect spray painter that fits your needs and demands. Moreover, choosing the right spray gun will leave you with a lot of factors to consider. Therefore, in order to make the best choice, you should take into consideration the following factors:

Fluid Viscosity

Viscosity is often referred as high, medium or low. If you are looking for high viscosity coatings such as enamels or ceramics, it is best to use conventional spray guns. HVLP spray guns under are ideal for low viscosity coatings because they determine how fluid is delivered from the gun.

Easy to Use

Best Paint Sprayers Reviews Under $1500A spray gun with many advanced features can be quite difficult to use orunderstand. Therefore, it is best to choose one that is simple and reliable.Ensure that the chosen spray gun offers a greater variety of air caps and fluid nozzles. On the other hand, cheaper guns do nothave the setups that may be found in higher priced spray guns. It is crucial that you pick a sprayer that is easy to use in order to finish the job quickly and efficiently.


If you are looking for a sprayer in this price category, then you are definitely not looking for a budget friendly unit. Therefore, you are paying for quality and quality comes with a price. Do not sacrifice quality for price because it will only affect your budget in future. It makes no sense to safe couple of dollars for a low-quality feature that you end up paying for again in future when the unit breaks down. Overall, it is best for you to choose a unit that comes with all the bells and whistles that you require.


Cheaper spray guns tend to have many plastic components, thus, they are not durable. In comparison to this, spray guns around the $1500 mark are more robust and long-lasting. They are made using the best components and will not break, even after excessive use.

Final points

It is a wise decision to invest in a spray gun under $1500 because when it is well-maintained, it will offer a lifetime of service. It will remain much more reliable than a cheaper one. Spray guns are ideal for different painting jobs and come in a variety that will is suitable for different painting projects. If you want amazing results, that will be achieved easily or quickly, then a good spray gun is exactly what you need. There is no need for you to fork out bunch of money for a professional because you can tackle all your painting tasks with a high-end paint sprayer. High-end units offer more coverage and come with benefits such as reduced overspray, high speeds and also promote good health and safety.