Best Paint Sprayer under $300

Many people choose to purchase paint spraying guns under $300 because of their efficiency and affordability. No matter how much money you are spending, you should always aim for the best sprayer that matches your demands. Ever since the invention of these convenient painting tools, it is safe to say that painting brushes and buckets have been obliterated. Laborious and time-consuming painting tasks can be accomplished in no time at all with a sprayer. Spray guns are advantageous because they are not messy, produce even results and require less curbing wastage. With so many available choices and individual needs, it may be difficult to make the best buying choice for you. However, if you follow this buying guide, you will end up with the best tool for the required job.

  • 4 Customer Rating
  • C800879
  • Brand: HomeRight
  • Max. Pressure: 2800 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 25 ft
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 12.5 x 16 x 19.5 inches
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • 262800
  • Brand: Graco
  • Max. Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 75 ft
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 19 x 12.9 x 14.9 inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • 262805
  • Brand: Graco
  • Max. Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 100 ft
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 19 x 15 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • HV5500
  • Brand: Earlex
  • Max. Pressure: 2.2 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: 13 ft
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 12 x 12 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty
  • 3 Customer Rating
  • Airless Paint Sprayer Kit
  • Brand: Krause & Becker
  • Max. Pressure: 1000-3000 PSI
  • Max. Hose Length: N/A
  • Gun Included? Yes
  • Size: 16 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturer

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Air-less Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless Painter Sprayer is a product made by a reputable paint sprayer manufacturer called HomeRight. The product is capable of spraying 0.24 gallons of paint per minute. It also supports a 5-gallon paint bucket which makes it the ideal product for large scale painting. The paint sprayer is durably constructed and has a sturdy design. This ensures that it can withstand the wear and tear of large scale painting. At the center of its operation is a 1/2 horsepower motor which makes it a highly capable paint sprayer.

This paint sprayer delivers paint at a pressure of 2800 PSI. It also comes with a 25ft hose which provides adequate space for effective painting. Moreover, the spray gun comes with a control knob which makes it possible to adjust spray patterns depending on the type of object being painted. Additionally, it is equipped with a flexible intake tube which enables it to carry a 5-gallon paint. The product is easy to setup and clean. Overall, this is a fantastic airless paint sprayer from homright company that delivers top notch results and is both an affordable and time-saving unit.

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Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Painter

The Graco Magnum  X5 Stand Airless Painter comes with a metal SG2 spray gun. This highly efficient spray gun features a highly capable trigger which can generate up to 0.27 gallons of paint per minute. It can also support either a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket which makes it ideal for both small scale and large scale painting projects. It also comes with a 25ft hose. This ensures that a user spends less time moving around and more time concentrating on the painting project at hand. The product has an annual usage of 125 gallons of paint per year without being overwhelmed with the wear and tear of large scale painting projects.

The paint sprayer features a stainless-steel pump which guarantees a long lifespan and ensures that it produces a fine finish. Additionally, it comes with a power flush adapter which guarantees easy cleaning. All that is needed to clean it is to connect the paint sprayer to a garden hose and run water through it. Moreover, the paint sprayer is capable of supporting various types of paints among which includes acrylics and latex. In addition to these features, this airless paint sprayer has an adjustable control feature which allows a user to choose between the “Low Spray” and “Hi Spray” options. To cap it all, it is incredibly lightweight which makes it very easy to use.

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Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Air-less Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum X7 comes with a SG2 spraying gun. The gun is equipped with a full trigger. This greatly optimizes its performance as a high-volume paint sprayer. The paint sprayer is capable of supporting either a 1 or 5-gallon paint. In addition to this, it comes with a 25ft hose which provides adequate space for effective spray painting. The product also comes with a complete instruction manual which makes it easy to setup and use. Moreover, it features a mobile cart which guarantees that it is easy to move from one place to another.

The paint sprayer features a stainless-steel pump which ensures that it is capable of dispensing paint in such a way that it would produce a smooth finish. It also features an easy to clean spray tip. The paint sprayer has a 5/8 motor and an adjustable pressure control mechanism which ensures that it can spray multiple spray patterns. Moreover, it comes with a Power Flush Adapter which guarantees that it is easy to clean. This tool can be used for both small scale and large-scale projects after having known some primary tips and tricks about painting spray since the product is highly capable and affordable.

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Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station features a powerful 650-watt turbine motor which is at the center of its functionality. In addition to this is a metal spray gun. A combination of these two features guarantees a highly capable and highly functional best turbine paint sprayer. It also comes with a three-position spray pattern change mechanism which ensures that a user can choose between three different spray patterns depending on the object being painted.

The design and operation of the product makes it possible for it to spray a high volume of paint under low pressure. This guarantees a smooth and fine finish. It also comes with a 13ft hose which provides adequate space for effective spray painting. The product is lightweight which guarantees that it can be easily moved from one location to another. Moreover, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor painting projects including exterior wall spray painting. It can also support a variety of painting materials which makes it very versatile.

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Airless Paint Sprayer Kit Krause Becker

This paint sprayer kit is a highly capable paint sprayer made of stainless steel. Its stainless-steel construction prevents corrosion and ensures that it is durable. It also comes with a spray gun which features a built-in trigger lock. Moreover, the product comes with 517 tips. The paint sprayer is capable of supporting various types of paints which includes water paint, oil paint and latex paint if you are familiar with how to do your job with the paint sprayer. One of its main selling point is a 5/8 HP motor which ensures that the sprayer is capable of dispensing high volumes of paint at a low pressure. Moreover, the product can spray a massive 18 gallons of paint per hour.

Thanks to its powerful motor, the paint sprayer can dispense paint at 1000 PSI. The airless paint sprayer kit krause becker also comes with a 25ft hose which provides adequate space for effective spray painting. Moreover, it is good for both indoor and outdoor projects. One of the benefits of this product is that it is lightweight and packed with fantastic features. Furthermore, its design and construction guarantee that it is easy to set up and use. In addition, its beautiful and aesthetic design makes it look like a high-end toy rather than a paint sprayer.

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Buying Guide – Paint Sprayers under $300

Best Paint Sprayer Review under $300It is important to pick a sprayer that comes with all the bells and whistle that you need in order to finish the task efficiently and quickly. However, no paint sprayer comes with all-in-one features, therefore, it is crucial that you end up with one that has the features that you need to get the job done properly. Below are the most important features that you should be looking for in a spray painter.


Not all units come with a filter, but they are essential element of a paint sprayer because with a filter, you will get a smooth and equal finish. Moreover, with a filter, there will be no dust or debris in the paint and it will prevent the tip from getting clogged.


Depending on the painting job that you want to do, ensure you choose a spray gun with a variety of tips to handle both exterior and interior projects. The tip should be durable and made from high-quality materials.

Air compressor

The spray gun should be capable of delivering paint consistently without making a mess.Spray guns that are priced below the 300-dollar mark should include a high-quality tip, powerful motor. Moreover, portability is a must and also quick clean up.

Things to Consider

Best Paint Sprayers under $300When you are making up your final buying decision and also to check if aircompressor is required for the paint sprayer, it is important that you do not base your decision on the price alone. Even if you feel as if you are getting a good deal, there are essential considerations to keep in mind such as spraying tips, volume, pressure, value and the type of spray.

Spraying Tips

A spray gun should be able to accommodate a variety of different spraying tips. The spray tips should also easily slip into the hole that is found on the front side of the gun. Remember, the tip you choose is highly dependent on the type of paint that you will be using and the surface that you are spraying. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose one that matches the spray gun.

The volume

In comparison to higher end spray guns that may not need constant refills, spray guns under $300 may need to be filled more often than high-priced units. There are spray gun models that are solely designed for home use, which tend to be lightweight and include a small paint cup. They hold less paint than a mid-sized unit which would be a much better pick for smaller projects. Additionally, you can invest in different cannister sizes, therefore, you can switch between canisters depending on the size of the project that you are working.


All spray guns offer a variable amount of pressure. Depending on the size of your project and the type of paint that you will be using, you should get a gun with either heavy or light pressure. If you are hoping for a speedy paint job, then a spray gun with a high level of power is much better. Smaller projects require less pressure.

Value for Money

Best Paint Sprayer under $300Needless to say, sprayhigher priced guns will be of a better quality than those that are under $300. However, it ii not always necessary to buy the most expensive paint sprayer. The important thing is to understand your needs and pick a unit accordingly. It makes no sense to invest in a high-priced unit if you only need a sprayer for, let’s say, to spray one door. Be sensible, and common sense will get you a long way towards the perfect paint sprayer for your needs.Spray guns under $300 are the most common price category and it seems to be the balance between budget and quality or some sort of middle way towards a high-end sprayer and not to cheap.

Type of Spray

There are three types of spray guns that include a gravity-feed, pressure-feed and suction-fed spray gun. A gravity feed spray gun is extremely popular for more detailed work, such as car paint spraying. Pressure-feed spray gun uses pressurized air and offer more power for more efficient coating and results. Suction-feed spray guns work extremely well with lighter paint coatings and can be used at any angle.


A spray gun will most certainly increase the speed of your painting project. Choosing the best paint sprayer under $300 can make all the difference.Spray guns come with a lot of benefits and by investing in one, you will be enjoying high-quality paintwork, better coverage in your selected area, and top-notch speed regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur.While a brush and roller may be sufficient for most projects, spray guns are the preferred option, especially if you want professional results. It all boils down to our individual needs, once you understand your painting need, you will be able to make an informed buying decision and end up with a paint sprayer that will last your for many paint-spraying projects to come.